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Don't forget to include information about your operating system and browser.

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Technical requirements

1. Computers with MS Windows

To play the video on the desktop computers (or laptops), you need latest version of MS Edge, Internet Explorer, Chrome or Firefox. To watch subtitles you also need a Flash player plugin installed in your browser. For now subtitles are only available during live webcasts.

You can use a video player application such as VLC player to open a video stream URL directly in it. For more info, see the info for mobile devices below, please.

2. Apple Mac OS X and Linux

On Mac OS X and iOS please use Safari to visit On Linux both Firefox and Chrome and should work fine.

2. Mobile devices with Google Android, Apple iOS, MS Windows mobile

Please install the app from teh corresponding app Store for Android and iOS devices. The webpage with video has also been tested to work on iPhone, iPad and Android. You can still access the video stream with the information provided below using VLC player on any platform.

Links for Android, Windows etc.. to be entered in a media player of your choice like VLC (links do not work Windows Media Player):

  • rtmp://
  • rtmp://
  • rtmp://

Standalone app for mobiles and Android TV boxes

If the video playback doesn't work in your mobile device with the Android operating system, you can use our own dedicated application that will make it possible. Similar app is available for iOS. Search the app store for "Swamiji TV" app

Use the VLC Player on Windows phone.

The Android app for Swamiji TV can be used on any Android device, including Android TV Box or stick. Android TV Box allows you to watch Swamiji TV on any LCD TV with HDMI input for a modest cost.

3. Connecting to your home HD TV

Best is to use an Android device which connects to your HD TV with HDMI (stick or cable). On this device you can install Swamiji TV app for Android. Android v4.4 or higher is required. Do not use devices which perform mirroring of video from your phone or tablet. The Swamiji TV app needs to be installed and run on the device, which is connected to TV with the HDMI interface. This types of devices are also called Android TV box or Android Media Players. Then you can enjoy full luxury of the HD 720p video quality.

3.1 Samsung Smart TVs

Simply browse with the built-in web browser to the website.

4. Information for Cable TV and SAT operators

The Multi-Media Content Of This Website Is Copyright Protected. The Owner is International Sri Deep Madhavananda Ashram Fellowship / Yoga in Daily Life (c) - International. All rights reserved. The streams can be distributed royaltee free provided that original video production is kept and no commercials are inserted. The following data allows you to connect to Swamiji TV video stream:

  • IP address:
  • Application name: YogaIPTV
  • Stream name: YogaStream
  • Video codec: H.264
  • Audio codec: AAC LC
  • Protocols: Adobe RTMP, Adobe HDS, RTP, Apple HLS, MPEG-DASH
  • Stream groups for smooth streaming: YogaStream_all, YogaStream_mobile
  • Individual stream names: YogaStream_720p (High Profile), YogaStream_360p (Main Profile), YogaStream_240p (Base Profile), YogaStream_160p (Base Profile)

Distributors are suggested to connect to use YogaStream_720p (High Profile 2Mbps). That group will be automatically updated when stream lists change. The audio stream format can change between programs (bitrate, AAC/MP3, sample rate, channel count).

You can use the following links for stream inspection: