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Harmony unity and balance

Harmony unity and balance

Recorded on: 1 Feb 2018

Evening satsang with Vishwaguruji from Sri Devpuruji Ashram, Raumati Beach, New Zealand.

Yoga is the science of harmony unity and balance in the universe. Love is God and God is love. First God is Mother. Space is the mother principle. The soul is the part of the universe. Consciousness is in the space but space is not in the consciousness. We should follow natures life. Allopathic medicine is not natural but sometimes can save our life. Cancer is in our body but if we do not go against nature it does not become aggressive. There are five elements which protect the soul. There are five koshas in us. Don't eat the dead body. Energy is in the natural things not in plastic. Say no to plastic. Uppranas are very powerful.

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