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Meditation with Vishwaguruji from "Yoga for Wellness" Conference, India

22:40 - 23:00|Recorded on 10 Oct 2017
Vishwaguruji leads a Meditation at the International Conference 'Yoga for Wellness' organized by the Ministry of AYUSH, Government of India and held at Pravasi Bariyat Kendra in New Delhi. The inaugural session was attended by the Vice President of India.

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Vegetable Soup-Vegetarian cooking lessons - 4, Vep

23:01 - 23:24 | From: 26 Jun 2014
Vegetable soup Hungarian style Vegetarian cooking lesson from participants of the Yoga in Daily Life summer seminar in Vep, Hungary 2014

Developing human qualities

23:30 - 0:27 | From: 25 Jan 2017
Evening satsang with Vishwaguruji from Mahaprabhudeep Ashram Strilky, Czech Republic. A human should protect human life, as well as other lives. It’s time to follow a vegetarian diet and develop human qualities. Refrain from negative company. Go to satsang.

Temptation and contentment

0:35 - 1:29 | From: 19 May 2018
Evening satsang with Vishwaguruji from weekend Yoga Seminar in Maribor, Slovenia. Maya is temptation. Sooner or later it will catch you. You would like to be a yogi or sannyasi. It's not possible to run away from our own shadow. Life and death are walking together. For happiness we need contentment. It comes when the heart is filled with love (prem), with the nectar of immortality.

The time for the Unity

1:35 - 2:07 | From: 19 Jun 2018
Yoga, Peace, Unity and Healing, a yoga meditation event from Tilman Chapel of the Church Center for the UN. New York City, USA. The meditation segments are guided by Gayatri Naraine from Brahma Kumaris, Paramhans Swami Maheshwarananda from YIDL and Sri Swami Madhawananda Word Peace Council, Jude Currivan Ph.D, cosmologist and author. The music for the event will be performed by TWNY Music Guild. The endless space is the symbol of the mother. There are harmony, balance and unity between the consciousness and space and that is yoga. Creation started from this point by multiplying with the sound and light.

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Sound and resonance

2:15 - 3:11 | From 27 Oct 2018
Morning Satsang with Vishwaguruji from Vep, Hungary. Regardless whether you understand bhajans or not, the resonance is awakening spirituality in you. The resonance of the songs is reflecting in our ten indriyas (organs of perception and action). Swami Sivananda said in his bhajan: those are my friends who understand my words. Shabda means sound, words. In the Gurukul, the warrior students learnt all mantras for archery. By the power of these mantras the arrow goes straight to where the sound of the tiger came from. Vishwaguruji explains the karmic sin of king Dasharatha, father of God Rama.

Follow the Guruvakyas and practice

3:15 - 4:13 | From 26 Oct 2018
Evening Satsang with Vishwaguruji from Vep, Hungary. Holy Guruji was the first person who showed the real yoga practice to Vishwaguruji. Holy Guruji's whole life was a real sadhana. If we are with a spiritual person his resonance comes to us. Who doesn't practice cannot get anything. There is no development without practicing. Practicing is the reality. Practice at home too, otherwise many karmas come back. The practice is yours and the benefits are yours.

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