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Spirituality and Charity,  Raumati - Kapiti Coast, NZ

Spirituality and Charity, Raumati - Kapiti Coast, NZ

Recorded on: 26 Mar 2011

Every spiritual person is concentrated in well being of the entire planet and work for the well being of this world.

Spiritualy developed people are connected through prayers to God. Without God or spiritual development the world cannot survive. Swamiji tells a episode from Ramayana about Vishmamitra and Guru Vashista. Satsang is the most precious time of your life. For the sake of the whole world, for the sake of the entire creation, continue your sadhana and go to satsang. Spiritual Saints round the world build the spiritual homes. They are called Ashram, Temple, Church, Mosque, Stupa , Synagogue... If you can help in charity it is great.

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