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Social projects donations - Fundraising

With the support of the International Community, the Fellowship undertakes numerous social projects in India. To continue these activities - especially in this difficult time of the pandemic crisis - every donation is welcome!

Support webcasting

Live webcasting needs investments in renting high quality streaming servers and equipment. Costs are increasing with quality and viewer count. If you have enjoyed some Satsang webcasts, we would be happy to receive your support.

Please preferably use your credit card

Donations via bank transfer

Donations also can be made via bank transfer in Euros to following donation account:

International Sri Deep Madhavananda Ashram Fellowship 1040 Vienna, Schikanedergasse 12

Account at BAWAG Vienna
IBAN: AT981400010010216040

Please note: Due to organizational reasons, an automatic donation confirmation can only be sent for donations over PayPal on swamiji.tv. If you pay via bank transfer and need a donation confirmation, please contact us under yourdonation@yogaindailylife.org

For donations, the right to withdraw from an online contract is not applicable. However, if you wish to withdraw your donation please contact us within 14 days.

Webcast donation meter (€)

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