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Guru Tattva, Wellington, NZ

Guru Tattva, Wellington, NZ

Recorded on: 27 Mar 2011

Guru Tattva is directly connected to God Shiva.

Guru Tattva is the highest Tattva in the world. Shiva Tattva destroys all negative karmas, negative thoughts and qualities which we cannot overcome. Vishnu Tattva is protecting us and our destiny. Brahma Tattva creates in us good thoughts, the positive way of thinking. It creates within us a better, positive and wise man. Guru Tattva is not the physical embodiment of the Guru. Guru Tattva is the knowledge. It is the divine light and we adore that light. When we get this light it means Atma Gyana, Moksha, liberation. Guru Tattva is knower of everyone and lives in everyone. Gurudev is carrying the light within and is bringing us the wisdom. We are searching the light, keep it, don't lose it. Gurudev is that one which operate all negative karmas away because he has that knowledge. Guru consciousness is awaken and one who is awaken can awake others.

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