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Prayers and Mantras have immense of power, Gold Coast

Prayers and Mantras have immense of power, Gold Coast

Recorded on: 5 Apr 2011

In most critical situations in our life we practise mantra and prayer.

Mantra and prayer is the most powerful tool which human have got in their life. Mantras and spiritual songs - this are also prayers. It is better to light a candle then stand in darkness.That candle is Mantra and Prayer. Whenever you feel inside scared, nervous, depressed, sadness then pray. When you dont see the way out - then pray. Prayer is our real friend, light and love. Prayer will keep us in the light. Prayer should come from the heart don't put in front of God some conditions - just surrender. When you pray and meditate then the Antakaranas - inner functions - are cleared up. Swamiji is leading a prayer,a guided meditation,is telling some stories connected to prayers and speaks about attachment and detachment. Attachment leads us to disappointment and pain, detachment leads us to freedom and happiness. Recorded on Gold Coast, Australia.

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