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Prayers give us peace, Gold Coast

Prayers give us peace, Gold Coast

Recorded on: 6 Apr 2011

Readings from the book "Lila Amrit.

" Prayers give us external as well as inner peace. When inner peace is not there then we are lost. If we have lost inner peace, what ever we will tell - it will not help. Inner contentment, peace, love, joy, happiness - this are the universal principles. God gave us to be happy, but if we can't realise, it is our own mistake. God gave us joy in our heart, but if we don't utilize,it is our own mistake. God gave us contentment, what ever we have, be happy with this, but we are not following this words and we are searching more and more. All this principles can only be realised through the prayers. Through prayer we can achieve many things. God gave us the flame to bring the light. The light is for all of us, we should keep that light, it is so fragile, so gentle. Swamiji leads the prayer, a meditation and the mantra RAM chanting. Recorded on Gold Coast, Australia.

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