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Listen with your heart and with your brain, Gold Coast

Listen with your heart and with your brain, Gold Coast

Recorded on: 7 Apr 2011

MM Sw.

Jasraj Puri says - try to understand. How to know what suits you, what is the best thing for you. Try to understand why and be ready for your lesson. Swamiji says: When you accept, when you listen with your heart and with your brain,clarity comes and you are understanding. But when doubts come, you don't understand, you misunderstand. Misunderstanding can bring a lot of suffering. It is not the mistake of others but it is our own Mistake, because we misunderstood. Swamiji explains six points that contributes to our happiness. We can create. War and guns cannot bring peace, but love,kindness and understanding can bring peace in the world, and we all should work for that. Swamiji answers questions: Saints in the Himalaya and fasting. Recorded on Gold Coast, Australia.

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