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The Aim of Human Life, Melbourne

The Aim of Human Life, Melbourne

Recorded on: 1 Apr 2011

Swamiji introduces MM Swami Jasraj Puri and explaines in great detail what means Mahamandaleshwar and Akkhara.

Ashram: A means welcome, Shram means work. Ashram means: Come to work here on your body, mind, consciousness and realisation. Space is the endless glory of God. We don't know where is the beginning or the end. We are limited. The endless space is like a mother, the cosmic consciousness. Between space and consciousness is Yoga shakti. Yoga is balancing, harmonising and uniting. God is manifested in the form of vibration, sound, resonance - OM - Everything comes from that and merges in that. Yogis are meditating on that. The aim of human life is to help, to serve, to support others and selfrealisation. The human life is a precious diamant but we will not get it again and again. Translation of the bhajan: Sadho bhai ab kyu karo the moro. Recorded in Melbourne, Australia.

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