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The Self and The Soul, Melbourne

The Self and The Soul, Melbourne

Recorded on: 3 Apr 2011

Sri Ram - Kirtan sung by Ally.

Swami Jasraj Puri brings an example: When on the spiritual path arise doubts - hold on, it will calm down. Swami Sannyasanand speaks about Pranayama, Ida and Pingala breathing. Swamiji speaks about Lord Shiva,Yog Shakti, the sound OM and Siddhis - the supernatural powers. Atman is universal, the Self, it is immortal. It is like the space, no one can destroy,fire cannot burn nor dead can effect it. Jivatma is individual,is born,reborn comming and going. It is a bundle of our karmas and there are 4 ways to do karma. Swamiji tells a episode from the Ramayana, about Garuda, the carrier of Lord Vishnu as he lost his bhakti to Lord Rama and he was suffering a lot because of his doubts. We have 9 doors where the soul will go out of the body.We can lead ourselves to the Brahman or we can lead ourselves down, it depends on our individual karma and our practice. Translation of the bhajan: Shivoham Shivoham.

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