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What is Happiness?

What is Happiness?

Recorded on: 9 Apr 2011

Satsang with Vishwaguruji from Sunshine Coast.

Swami Shivananda said: Within you is the fountain of the joy and within you is the ocean of the bliss.Your heart is like an endless ocean and similarly in your heart everyone should have a place. Gandhiji said: Renounce and enjoy, renounce your entire negative qualities and too much material things and enjoy. Holy Guruji said: Enter the kingdom of the Lord through the gate of sacrifice. Sacrifice your ego, your jeaulousy, your doubt, your ignorance, your greed, your selfishness and this and that. Renounce, then you can enter in that area of the eternal peace and happiness will come. Happiness is in your very gentle kindly smile. Happiness is your kind look. Happiness is when you can give something to the needy one. Happiness is when you give blessings. Happiness is when you admire the nature and all the beauty of every creature. Happiness is when a new life is born because God gave you such a beautiful duty that you make this child as

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