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Self Inquiry Meditation in Theory and Praxis, Sunshine Coast

Self Inquiry Meditation in Theory and Praxis, Sunshine Coast

Recorded on: 10 Apr 2011

Meditation is not something that you practice.

Meditation comes from itself. There are two kinds of Meditation: Active and passive Meditation. Active Meditation is, when you do something and feel very happy with it, you love to do this work. This is your Meditation. Passive Meditation is, where you become aware of your entire being in this world and you begin to make the Self Inquiry. Means not only who am I but how am I. Analyze thyself in Self Inquiry Meditation technique which we have in Yoga in Daily Life system In passive Meditation you analyze thyself in the worldly situations and now you want to have peace from that. Instantly many thoughts will come then ask yourself: 1. What do I think? 2. Why do I think like this? 3. What did I think? 4. What is the cause of my thinking? 5. What should I think? There are situations in our life where we are struggling and the Meditation should give us the Peace.

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