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The Eternal Journey, Sunshine Coast

The Eternal Journey, Sunshine Coast

Recorded on: 12 Apr 2011

Ram Navami is the day of Lord Rama's incarnation.

The Ramayana, written by Saint Valmiki and the Ramcharitmanas, written by Saint Tulsidas are describing Lord Rama's life. Swamiji speaks about the creation of the Universe, Shiva, Shakti and Consciousness. The endless Universe and millions of Sun systems are created by one creator: Svayambhu - Shiva. No one has created him. He has manifested himself. Out of the sound the creation took place. The Jivatma is travelling in this endless Universe, coming and going. Our destiny is created by our Karmas. According to this it will take us away and we cannot decide where to go. How our eternal journey will begin and where it will go depends on our entire life's work. The endless journey will come to an end when we merge into the cosmic Self, Then we got Self realization and we are one with Brahman. One without a second - then there is no more Karma, no more destiny and we came back to our origin. Recorded on Sunshine Coast, Australia.

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