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The heritage of the Vedas - part 3

The heritage of the Vedas - part 3

Recorded on: 1 Jul 2011

Morning lecture by Sadhvi Parvati from Strilky Ashram, Czech Republic.

How old are the Vedas? How many are they and which one is the oldest? What is the meaning of the Vedas for our time? There are very special rules for reciting Vedic mantras. Reciting Vedic verses gives the feeling of happiness. The message of the Vedas is Self-realization. They emphasize the good for everyone, not only for the human. In the Vedas, the water, the hills, plants, trees, animals, everything is sacred. Ahimsa – non violence is essential. The whole universe is considered as one body. If we harm anyone we harm ourselves. The Vedas speaks about the unity of all life. There is a great respect for all and everything and the whole life.

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