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Mana Saba Khoyo Re - Bhajan

Mana Saba Khoyo Re - Bhajan

Recorded on: 14 Aug 2011

Morning satsang with Swami Gajanandji in Strilky 14/08/2011.

Mahaprabhujis bhajan, full of wisdom and knowledge is profoundly translated by Swami Gajanandji. Mana is the mind. This bhajan says - oh my mind, you lost everything. It speaks about the right way, the right direction and the opposite. It means to be fully aware of our senses, our decisions, our actions with all the consequences which will influence far reaching our way and development. Kusanga has an attractive power and gives us some joy. But Mahaprabhuji makes us aware about the danger of that short and worldly enjoyment. He wants to awaken us, to go for the right thing, to search for the real happiness, to search for the never ending bliss.

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