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Omkar Mantra Ka Bhajan

Omkar Mantra Ka Bhajan

Recorded on: 18 Aug 2011

OM is the divine name.

OM is God. It is the light. It is the life. It is the beginning, the middle and the end. It is the trinity in one. Singing OM purifies the atmosphere. It illuminates your inner space. It fills every cell of your body with cosmic energy. Singing OM purifies the nadis and activates your chakras. Sing OM very consciously. Observe how the OM sound originates in the navel as a subtle vibration and how it rises to the throat. Then to the lips where it becomes articulated. Within less than a second, the sound reaches the brain. Causing a vibration within the whole head, which you feel especially in your eyebrow center. When this vibration touches the Sahasrara chakra, it becomes reflected in form of light. This light penetrates your whole body and forms a protective shield around your whole being, which protects you from negative cosmic energies. It guards your meditation and allows you to travel freely and fearlessly in the inner space of your consciousness.

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