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Reincarnation is a question of Karma

Reincarnation is a question of Karma

Recorded on: 20 Aug 2011

Reincarnation means changing the form.

Reincarnation means, according to our Karmas, we go through different experiences and take upon us different coats. Reincarnation is decided on our last thought when we leave the body. It depends on our last thought where our awareness and our desires go. The main thing is to develop human qualities which will give us the right direction. The reincarnation of animals will be different. Animals are living based on their instinct and do not have the decision of the free will. What is the relation between the atman and the present birth? The physical body is special but the atman is even more special. The birth which we have now, our atman is travelling through. According to our karmic luggage we should leave this luggage in a better condition as before as we arrived. So that we accumulated something good in this life. The first is, to get realization and doing good as much as possible.

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