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The Cosmic Worlds

The Cosmic Worlds

Recorded on: 27 Aug 2011

The Heritage of the Vedas VII.

LOKAS - The levels of the universe. Loka, a Sanskrit word, means dimension or plane of existence. The universe, any particular division of it, a cosmic region. Each Loka reflects or involves a particular range of consciousness. The most common division of the universe is the Triloka or three worlds. Bhuloka, Antarloka and Brahmaloka. There are 14 worlds which correspond to the 14 chakras, divided in seven upper worlds and seven lower worlds. Inhabited by living beings, visible and invisible. There are many levels of vibration and comparative density of the Astral worlds, all of which exhibit their own unique Energy. A human being and also any being, will after physical death automatically transition to the most appropriate Astral world, most closely matching his or her own particular vibration. Ego, temperament, character, and most importantly the beliefs and attitudes of the person at the time of physical deat

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