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Living as Sannyasin

Living as Sannyasin

Recorded on: 2 Sep 2011

Sadhvi Anandi and Swami Jasraj Puriji are speaking about to be and to live as a Sannyasin.

The whole principle of Yoga is that we can transform ourselves. Everybody can make a transformation. It is not depending on that, from where we are coming. When getting the Mantra Diksha we become a Yogi. What we have inside is important. The relation with the master is important, also our lifestyle and our practices. Every path is beautiful. It depends how we play ourselves to. If we are holding back, half of the energy is lost. Not holding back, giving everything to the path we have, giving ourselves fully with love as a Yogi. A Yogi transforms everything. As much as we give, if we let it flow, it will never end. Just give and do not expect something back. If we give, it comes back anyhow.

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