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Prabhu Mere Avaguna Cit Na Dharo - Bhajan

Prabhu Mere Avaguna Cit Na Dharo - Bhajan

Recorded on: 3 Sep 2011

Translation of the Bhajan by Swami Gajanandji.

- Oh Lord, please, do not look on my bad qualities and habits. Your name is Samadarhsi, that means looking on all the same. So I request you, do not look on all my bad qualities. Whenever you want, you can set me free. Please keep your promise that you will set free those whom you love. - The master can give us the connection but we have to pick it up, to come in resonance and work with it. The transformation comes from within. We can feel the spiritual vibration which stimulates, nourishes and developes us. Being honest with oneself, not judging what we have done or not have done. The moment we have in our hands is right now. We can try to do something better, constantly moving forward and doing more and more so that the spiritual vibration comes from within us.

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