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The richness of satisfaction

The richness of satisfaction

Recorded on: 3 Aug 2011

Evening satsang with Jasraj Puri Ljubljana, Slovenia.

In our life we can find many valuable things like gold, jewels, a castle or being a king. We can spend our whole life thinking on this or that what we would like to have, to find our happiness. But the reality comes from oneself. When we found our satisfaction, we found something more valuable then gold and jewels. Satisfaction is more valuable then all the richness we can find in the world. It comes from our heart, our relation with ourselves and our relation with the master. There are always two ways to look at the place where we are. We can look at it from the point of disappointment or we can look at it in a more positive way. Depending from which side we are looking at it, like this our experiences will be. From our own point of view, we are creating our own reality. Never give up, try again, and the solution will come.

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