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The Peace Is Within

The Peace Is Within

Recorded on: 4 Sep 2011

Evening satsang from Sri Devpuriji Ashram Zagreb with MM Swami Jasraj Puriji.

When the waves are high and the issues are coming up then go inside, go deeper, the peace is within. Use your tools, make your sadhana, your mantra, kriya and satsang. We have to believe that we can make something on our spiritual path. When we are silent inside, then we are open to hear the secret of the mantra and we are able to hear what is inside of us. The only thing what can stop us on our path, the only thing what can block us, this is only we ourselves. Patanjali said, there is nothing right or nothing wrong. There is only- it takes us away from our goal or it brings us back to our goal. Forgive yourself, do the best and believe that it can happen. It is time now to let your light shine. Just do it.

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