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Meditation - Practice and Theory Part 4

Meditation - Practice and Theory Part 4

Recorded on: 14 Oct 2011

What do we understand about meditation? Swamiji gives us fundamental examples to understand, what is the mind and how the mind is working.

We cannot stop our mind, it will create blockages. We need a special technique to direct our mind. Restlessness in our thoughts will influence our life and harm us. We are our own obstacles. One small thought can create a rock and will let us and others suffer. Now, how to overcome our negative waves? Meditation purifies our inner level of the consciousness and creates the inner peace. Meditation is the way to achieve the higher consciousness. Meditation brings us to the real destination. In this lecture series about meditation - Swamiji comes to the Anahat Chakra - the heart center in the body. Meditation opens the lotus of our heart. There is a small cave and in this we find a very tiny blue light, this is our Atman, our Self.

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