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Discipline is the Key to Success

Discipline is the Key to Success

Recorded on: 15 Oct 2011

We cannot be successful without discipline.

Destructive thoughts harm us and the outer world. Our thoughts will help us lifelong or our thoughts may torture us lifelong. Our anger, jealous, hate and greed are our obstacles and will pull us back. We are not forced to be angry. We may cry the whole day, but we are not forced to do so. We are putting our own obstacles on our path. Through Yoga we are purifying our vrittis. When we work on ourselves we can work better to help the world. The Manipur Chakra is the center of the life energy. When this Chakra opens, we are opening the door to our health. Patanjali said – if we create positive energy in our Manipur Chakra, then we will create the harmony of body, mind and soul. With Pranayama, the breath techniques, we support our Manipur Chakra.

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