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Manipulating the Time is like Jetlag

Manipulating the Time is like Jetlag

Recorded on: 16 Oct 2011

Swamiji's morning lecture from Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Australia.

The time in the universe or cosmic time is calculated in Vedic astrology. The rest of the time is man made time. We manipulate the time which we call summertime or wintertime. Daylight saving time is something like a jetlag. It disturbs the biorhythm. The periods or ages of time are called Yugas. They are divided in four parts. In the Kali Yuga there is more negative energy existing and we are more concentrated on the negative things. Vedas means knowledge. The first advice is, to live in harmony with the nature and everything. We are the peace, it is within us. Harsh words will create negative energy. Avoiding them and praying before starting the day and anything new, will create the peace and positive energy.

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