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Spirituality and Religion

Spirituality and Religion

Recorded on: 17 Oct 2011

Evening satsang from Brisbane, Australia.

The divine science of Yoga is more connected to the spirituality. It is the science of body, mind, consciousness and soul. Yoga is very ancient. The Yoga Shakti accompanied by the spiritual light, began according to the ages, in Satya Yuga. Yoga Shakti keeps the entire universe living. It is for the wellbeing of this planet and the entire universe. Spirituality means purity in the heart. Cristal clear purity. Where there is love, it comes, where there is hate, it goes. Spirituality is in our behavior, our friendship, our relation to this world, our existence, our way of thinking and our way of acting. Religion comes from relation. It means our relation to God. We are a part of God. Once, we where one with the cosmic consciousness. Through vibrations we divided and the individual soul was created.

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