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Mudras and Bandhas

Mudras and Bandhas

Recorded on: 18 Oct 2011

Swamijis lecture from Melbourne There are different forms of the agni, the fire.

Physical visible, as well as invisible to the eyes. Mudras and bandhas are a fundamental form of the yoga practice. A mudra is a symbolic or ritual gesture. Some mudras involve the entire body, most are performed with the hands and fingers. A mudra is a spiritual gesture and an energetic seal. A mudra is a indication and a body language. A brain research paper published, that hand gestures stimulate the same regions of the brain as the language do. Bandha means to lock, close-off, to stop. In the practice of a bandha, the energy flow to a particular area of the body is blocked. When the bandha is released, this causes the energy to flood more strongly through the body with an increased pressure.

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