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Is Yoga a religion?

Is Yoga a religion?

Recorded on: 29 Oct 2011

Morning Satsang with Swami Gajanandji from Strilky Ashram.

Swamiji uses to say: "Yoga is not a religion. It is also not part of any religion. But it is the essence, the root of every religion." How to underestand that? Swami Gajanand speaks about the exoteric and the esoteric aspect of religion and explains it through examples from Islam and Hinduism. On the surface the various religions are completely different in their traditions, beliefs and practices. But in their deepest essence they all agree on certain principles, e.g the oneness of God. Yoga is a way to understand and realize these principles, not just as a belief, but as a practical path. But important is the guidance of an enlightened master, who can explain this essence, otherwise one gets easily stuck in dogmatism, which may lead to intolerance or even fanaticism.

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