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Only Love Can Lead You

Only Love Can Lead You

Recorded on: 31 Oct 2011

Everything becomes smooth if we have clarity.

Everything becomes complicated, uncomfortable and hard, if we do not have that clarity. If we ignore our past karmas, it is our own decision. But we have to purify those seeds which are lying in the sub consciousness. If we awake all the dormant seeds from the subconscious, the life becomes very turbulent. The life becomes sometimes very hard to master. Then we feel disappointed, depressed or anxious.Why it happens and what to do? We need to filter out our negative vrittis. That is why the master reminds us constantly to think positive, to meditate, to check our thoughts, our heart, our intellect, our words and our feelings.We have to be aware of our way of life. We have to be aware of our lifestyle and we have to give further our appreciation and thankfulness.

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