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Go slowly but continuously

Go slowly but continuously

Recorded on: 1 Nov 2011

Evening satsang with Swamiji from Jadan ashram, India As long as we have the path, as long as we are on our journey, we have not achieved our enlightenment or self realization.

As long as we have the path, or direction, it means still, that we are not on our destination. When we will have achieved the destination, the path will be finished. No more path. In our modern life we are using the navigator system to come to our goal. In the spiritual life, Gurudev is that navigator which guides us by every curve of the life and at the same time is he warning us - take care of the speed limit. Observe the speed limitations. Everything what we do to quick, we will give up after a time. When the way is guided, keep on going. We walk hand in hand on the divine path. Go slowly, continuously, but sure. When the destination is arrived, then we are at home.

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