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This is it. Voices from the Ashram

This is it. Voices from the Ashram

Recorded on: 4 Nov 2011

Destiny and past Karmas are bringing us to the right place in our life.

Volunteers and Karma Yogis from all over the world, which are living in Jadan Ashram for a longer time, are sharing their personal experiences. They speak about the different aspects of living in the Ashram. They appreciate not only, living in a pure and clean environment, but also living in a place, where the presence of the saints is witnessed. The living divinity on earth is felt strongly and this brings the chance to feel, to know, to understand, to develop and to change. To study something is a learning process. To study something there means, to study oneself and everything is arranged in a perfect way, experiencing life on a spiritual and higher level.

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