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Love, Serve, Meditate and Realize

Love, Serve, Meditate and Realize

Recorded on: 7 Nov 2011

We are fortunate that we got a human life.

To awake the human qualities, for that we need a great blessing, a great guidance and a safe shelter like the shelter of the lotus feet of Sri Mahaprabhuji. Laziness is our enemy and we are poor if we do not want to work. Every kind of work is good. The ego of the position will not bring us further. To do social work for the wellbeing of others, to give donations, this is good work of a pure soul. Be the giver. The real knowledge is self realization and gaining the light of wisdom. That light will guide us. It is better to light a candle then to stand in the dark. Mantras and prayers are the light which lead us to God. The live is given to serve, to meditate, to love and to realize.

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