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Bharat Is The Holy Land

Bharat Is The Holy Land

Recorded on: 8 Nov 2011

Numerous of God incarnations, Rishis and Saints, took place on the soil of Bharat, India.

Holy Guruji wrote in one of his bhajans: my salutation to this divine land Bharat, where one can have the darshan of the Sataguru. All the spiritual techniques, prayers, meditation, Yoga, researches about astrology, astronomy, the science, the medicine, was researched and invented in this country by great Rishis. Those Rishis are the fathers of entire mankind. All humans are children of those Rishis. We cannot separate Bharat from other parts of the globe. All is in One, all is Oneness. All creatures and living beings are at home on this living planet. The whole world is the family of one God. We came here to love, to respect, to help, to support, to guide and to acknowledge all creatures of that planet, as our brothers and sisters. That is Brahman Gyana and that is the purpose of the human life.

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