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We Have Karmic Relations

We Have Karmic Relations

Recorded on: 9 Nov 2011

Karma is the concept of action or deed, understood as that, which causes the entire cycle of cause and effect.

Our karmas have an effect on us and others. Everything what happens to us in our life, everything what happens to us and our family is a karmic relation. Whenever we have a connection to another person, the connection is karmic. The karma we share has brought us together again. If we did something good, the good will come back to us. Every thought which comes out of our brain and every action, one day it will come back like a boomerang. Are we in this world as a reaction or are we acting? This we don't know. Negative karmas we can purify with positive thoughts, positive actions, mantras and prayers. The best is, not to do anything to anybody what we would not like, that anybody is doing that to us.

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