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Are We Open Enough To Listen?

Are We Open Enough To Listen?

Recorded on: 13 Nov 2011

Evening satsang from Jadan Ashram, Rajasthan, India.

When we are talking to somebody, questioning something, then we have in our own mind already the thought, how the answer should be. What chance do we give to the other side, to the answer which could come. We are not listening. We have something preconceived in our mind. We are half listening with one ear and the rest is our thinking how something should be. Where is the openness to hear the other side of the story? Our ears are closed but the mouth is open. We are missing the chance. We have to work on ourselves, for listening to each other, not just to the words which are coming, but also to the feeling and the need which is behind it. Trying to listen with compassion to the other persons inner need and not to judge it.

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