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He Is Not Far If We Have Inner Connection

He Is Not Far If We Have Inner Connection

Recorded on: 20 Nov 2011

If the master is physically with us or maybe he is far, it is according to our self, our inner thoughts.

If we are far or near from him, this is up to us. It is our love, our application where we stand with him. According to that we can get his blessing and the guidance. It happens, when we have the beautiful feeling of being connected, that we get the answer within to the question we have, or the question will be answered immediately through a situation or a person which will come. It is not the coincidence which happens. It is the inner connection which allows it to happen. It is important from our side to be open and to accept the guidance which Swamiji gives us. Maybe it is not that what we expected and what we wanted to hear. Due to our openness and the trust we have, we will get the answer which we need to hear, which is good for our spiritual and personal development and which takes us further.

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