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Meditation comes from Lord Shiva

Meditation comes from Lord Shiva

Recorded on: 27 Nov 2011

Satsang with Swamiji from Holy mountain Annapurna, the Himalayas.

Meditation is one of the best and prime techniques of Yoga. All the saints from the Himalayas and different parts of the world are meditating. Meditation means to research oneself. Living in this modern civilization we are very much disturbed from the outer worldly activities, problems and sound pollution. Humans are full of the stress. Many cannot sleep, many are full of the fear and many are struggling to find the peace. Shiva or Guru Tattva is the highest Tattva in this world. Tattva is an element or aspect of reality, conceived as an aspect of deity. In the darkness of the Universe the light, the Shiva Jyoti, the auspicious flame appeared. This light we have to achieve and the technique for that is the meditation which Lord Shiva has brought to mankind.

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