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Aj Hai Ananda Mere Sataguru Aye - Bhajan

Aj Hai Ananda Mere Sataguru Aye - Bhajan

Recorded on: 28 Nov 2011

Eevening satsang with Swami Jasraj from Jadan Ashram, Rajasthan India.

If we are focused on technical and intellectual matters only, we miss to develop our devotion and we are missing opening our self. Opening our heart and connecting to the Parampara, to the masters lineage, which lasts since long time and radiates the tradition of the spiritual light. To receive, we need to trust and the connection we have with the masters in our meditation or our dreams. Holy Guruji’s bhajan: Aj Hai Ananda Mere, expresses ones feelings of happiness, to be thrilled of joy, because he says: Today my life became successful. My Sataguru came into my house. He came in my heart today.

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