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Recognizing good qualities

Recognizing good qualities

Recorded on: 1 Dec 2011

Webcast of evening satsang with swami Jasraj from Jadan Ashram, Rajasthan India.

When being attentive, we recognize the qualities around us. Everything and everybody radiates his quality. When we observe the light of a candle, we feel the peace, the calmness and tranquility. In contrast to that, when we got caught by an action or aggression movie in the TV, we feel different. The decision is, focusing on that what is really helpful for our spirituality and our development. What we have in our close surrounding, for example the pictures on the wall, the quality which inherent in the pictures, that effects us and also the quality in the room. It needs our attention and care , specially for the children and what is in their rooms. It is important to be careful for the environment which we create for ourselves.

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