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You are with Me always, and I  am with you

You are with Me always, and I am with you

Recorded on: 4 Dec 2011

Good bye satsang of the weekend Seminar in Strilky with Swami Gajanandji.

Remembernig Mahasamadhi of Bhagvan Sri Deep Narayan Mahaprabhuji with the help of the words from Lila Amrit. How is it possible to communicate with Guru after physical form is dissolved? Mahaprabhuji is Deep. Divine light. The ligth of consciousness in each of every atom. This everlasting light is concentrating in the physical form, in the body. The body is like the centre of this energy. After dissolving of the body, the light remains. If we are open, and our attention is there He is always with us. Bhakti is that magnet, what can bring Mahaprabuji here in any time.

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