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Practicing Yoga for health

Practicing Yoga for health

Recorded on: 16 Dec 2011

Afternoon satsang with Swamiji from Nepal.

Yoga has been designed by the great Saints of India for the well being of the humans, for the health. Great yogis renew, the humans are responsible for this planet. They should maintain peace, harmony, love to all beings. Systematic practicing of Yoga in Daily Life blesses you with good health, but we need disciplined practice for that. Be one with thyself when you are practicing. First saraw hitta asanas should be practiced as warming up every day, before practicing other postures. After 5 or 10 minutes streching exercises should be practiced with slow movement and included also counterpostures. After streching we should practice asanas, keeping postures comfortably for some minutes. Hatha yoga was designed to purify the body. Neti, dhauti, basti, nauli, tratak and kapalabhati are the hatha yoga satkarmas. Hatha yoga should be practiced, but under the guidance of experienced teacher, taking care also on the diet.

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