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The way, we are able to reach the God

The way, we are able to reach the God

Recorded on: 20 Dec 2011

Morning satsang with Swamiji from Nepal.

Coming from Satyaloka Satguru gives the Satsang to achive the goal of the human life and to develop divine qualities. With Satsang, Sant- Darshan and Guru - seva we avake divine shakti in ourself. From the endless universe Siva the liberator, manifesteted himself in the from of blue light, Siva - joti. He was the first yogi, and meditation came from that time. We are separated from the universal consciousness by mal, viksepa and avaran. Guru Bhakti is the protection and support to purify the inner psihyc functions- the antahkaranas. Our daily practicing mantra and meditation can move the palm, from which the drop, the Jivatma will fall down and unite with the ocean.

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