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The 5 Koshas - The Layers of the Body

The 5 Koshas - The Layers of the Body

Recorded on: 21 Dec 2011

We have five different layers on the body which are covering our soul.

The soul is the reflection of the Atman and is known as Jivatman. There are many layers between Atman and the pure Jivatman. This layers are the different bodies which we have to develop. They are influenced by actions which are done in different ways. The energy we get, comes through our food. Also the food has different qualities. What we eat influences our Koshas.We don't know from where our food comes and if food is taken away from somebody's rights, this cannot make us happy. What kind of food we eat, this will influence our mind, what kind of liquid we drink, like that our speech will be. When cooking and before eating, Yogis purify the energy which comes along with the food by chanting the eating Mantra.

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