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When The Light Comes - Darkness Disappears

When The Light Comes - Darkness Disappears

Recorded on: 25 Dec 2011

We are worrying so much.

We are attached to many things and we have the feeling of my and yours. This is the problem in the whole world. Selfishness appears and we do not use our viveka. In the whole world is struggling and we all have many problems and are longing for many things.This are burning desires. But when we came to the shelter of Gurudev, there at least we should not have any worries or anything. Near Gurudev there are suddenly waves of harmony and love. When the light comes, the darkness disappears. Where all our worries should disappear, there is our temple or ashram, our church or pagoda, mosque or any spiritual place. We sit there and surrender everything. We surrender all our burdens and we feel relaxed and free.

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