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The Keyword Is The Blessing

The Keyword Is The Blessing

Recorded on: 9 Jan 2012

The layers of our body are connecting us with the outer world.

We are influenced by our nourishment and environment. The Jivatman is very happy if everything is purified and clean. Yogic practices are influencing our five koshas very much. There are more techniques in Yoga in Daily Life and other systems too, which are only given from the master directly to the disciple. The key word is the blessing which includes a special mantra.The disciple has no right to give it further without any permission and if he does, it will not function. It will not open the door of the heart or it will not open the door of the Sahasrara Chakra. Only the successor of that spiritual path will be authorized to give the special techniques further. Then, it is on the disciple to practice, according to the system as it is, without making any changes, otherwise it will not function or the disciple will not have any success.

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