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Awakening The Kundalini

Awakening The Kundalini

Recorded on: 21 Jan 2012

If we would like to awaken kundalini shakti first we have to mastery our consciousness.

We have to master three states of consciousness: deep sleep, dreams and when we are awake, conscious. It is important to relaize the exact time when state of consciousness is changig. When we are falling asleep, awakening from the sleep, or when dreams are coming after deep sleep. Bad dreams are coming sometimes because astral body is not able to leave the physical body at Visuddhi chakra. According swara yoga or nadi yoga it is better to sleep on the left side, in order to keep the upper - right - nostril active. In this way pingala nadi is active during sleep. Impressions from past lifes are stored in Muladhar chakra, means unconsciousness, while impressions from the very beginnig of this life are in Svadhistan chakra. Before dealing with kundalini first the mind should be unterstood. Obeying the words of Gurudev is also important, as Mangilalji says in his bhajan "Nibhana He".

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