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Mantra Purifies

Mantra Purifies

Recorded on: 27 Jan 2012

Energy has its connection with th consciousness, intellect and the body as well.

On which subject you are attached, the energy will flow and concentrate on that direction. At the same time, energy brings signal to the intellect and influences vigyanamaya kosha. If we targeted ourself towards the Divine, our koshas are going to be purified. Chakras like lotus flowers. Lotus groing in a dirty water, but brings beautifull blossom. When you have devotion, respect toward others, your Anahat chakra blossom will turn upside down. When there is positive thinking, spirituality, healthy living there is yoga in fact, like in muslim prayers. Bhagwan Sri Deep Narayan Mahapraphuji wrote bhajan about yoga nidra, the yogic way of sleep.

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