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Shivaratri  - The Night Of Shiva, Celebration In Jadan

Shivaratri - The Night Of Shiva, Celebration In Jadan

Recorded on: 20 Feb 2012

Mahashivratri Celebration in Jadan It is a very divine occasion to celebrate the Shivaratri festival.

All bhaktas are celebrating Shivas night in every Shiva temple around the world. Shiva is the creator of the entire Universe. He is the most merciful. It is he who free all the devotees from the sin. Shiva is known as the most kindest and loving God. If we have developed the divine consciousness and if our Agya and Anahat Chakra is awaken, then we can listen and feel the divine vibration of this day in the entire universe. We can feel the beautiful atmosphere and the divine vibration of the mantra OM NAMAH SHIVAYA.

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