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Our Inner Conflicts, Raga And Dvesha

Our Inner Conflicts, Raga And Dvesha

Recorded on: 27 Feb 2012

Satsang with Swamiji from Auckland, NZ.

Attachments and aversions are both obstacles on our path to freedom. Both of these are emotional responses that alter our ability to see the world around us clearly. Raga is the inner fire.The negative attachment which arises from our previous experiences of pleasure and happiness. Aversions, dvesha, emerge also from our previous experiences of pain and suffering. We define ourselves as a collection of our previous emotional experiences. When we react positively or negatively to something, then our inner nature awakes in us. It is our own quality. It disturbs us, but we focus our inner conflict and uncertainty on others. Unless we do not clear up our inner conflicts and negative qualities, it will not bring us to a happy end.

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